4 Features of Facetime for PC

Using Facetime fro PC is very popular because of the easy video telephony calling. Facilitating the users to call from anywhere to the clients and render the impression of using the office phone with the help of any network such as internet using soft phone, computer headset and broad-bandinternet connection. It is an ultimate communication solution for the contact or call center due to the complete technical features. Reducing the hold time for the customers, handling the query and call transferring is the best way to the professional customer services. Helping the users for keeping the customers online for hold if all operators are busy is the proficiency of the Facetime.


Features of the Facetime for PC:

  1. Voicemail Management and Transcription:

The voice messaging is accessible on the IP Phone devices because of the front line innovation. The most basic thing about these things is their extraordinary quality and imaginative innovation. These are remarkable in setup and base.

  1. Flexible Management & Transcription:

It conveys the convincing element of amazing control and a specialist administration because of the powerful communication through access voicemail with the help of email, desktop, SMS and phone.

  1. Flexible Auto Attendant:

Customers are attended to consequently and it gives the comfort to the clients. It is an extensive benefit for the users that all the clients are attended automatically.

  1. Mobile Device Integration:

Calling from your mobile by using your business phone number is the great facility for the users to control their business from any place and any time. It delivers style, class, comfort and trust at one place in an elegant service.

  1. Multiple location Integration:

A perfect option for the enterprises that have branches and more than one office for prompt connection is evident through multiple location integration.

  1. Video Calling:

Video Calling is the elegant feature that gives the opportunity of exporting, browsing and accessing. It can be availed on an extension-by-extension basis. Creating a rule of setting the sequence in the course of a call is highly beneficial for the users.

It facilitates the users by allowing them to get the calls while the users are out of the office. It is the best way to attain the mobility and users can be able to work at any location and any time. Enabling the users to receive and make calls on the mobile devices by giving the impression of calling from office phone

Why to use Facetime for PC

Facetime is the name of dynamism in the world of technology and communication. It is the technology that is designed for the users who are well-aware of the fact that how to utilize the modern technology and how to configure the items in an innovative way. The Facetime for PC offers the services of the video telephone System and is supporting the audio and video calling and the traditional PSTN phone lines in the broad market.

Features of the Facetime for PC:                          

Containing all the vital features of an excellent and unifies communication solution is the specialty of the Facetimeincluding Cost effective SIP trunks and SIP complaint telephones are related to the conference calling. Call recording, Home working and mobility are the other compelling features of the system. Integrating with the technology of the TDM trunking, video calling and mix of analog. Scalability and the deployment options make it an ultimate solution of communication.These services are planned with new innovation, modified configuration and solid material to greatly improve the communication.


  1. Conferencing:

Hosting the on-demand conference calls for internal and external attendees is an exclusive offer for the users. It gives the other facilities including adding or removing participants recording conference call, password-protected Conference Bridges, Participant Management and third-party dial-in through DID. It offers the best Communication service in the whole business world. Communicating in style is a standard which Facelinkhas set in the wide area. It delivers style, class, comfort and trust at one place in an elegant service.

  1. IVR:

Several options are offered by the Interactive Voice Response, never allowing the users to be get trapped or confused regarding calls due to the innovations. It is an exclusive offer for the users that they can dial extension any time. Playing the sound to greet or wish and to deliver instant information or instructions to your clients can enhance your business.

  1. Integrating messaging:

The Voice message is the best option that is allowed by this telephonyto the customers for straightforward and prompt answering or messaging. It offers them to utilize the chance of the telephone message that is unquestionably used to record, hand-off or store the message easily. The system is the perceived for giving the master administrations of the establishment. Providing the complete data of all calls and record as well is the elegant feature of the system.